MDL Yangon is the developer of YOMA CENTRAL – Yangon’s premium mixed-use development. Located in the original commercial and cultural core of town, YOMA CENTRAL will breathe a new wave of energy into the city centre and deliver a truly international destination of tomorrow to Yangon’s discerning clientele.


Our values

The Community:

Meeyahta Development Limited – MDL Yangon is a unique collaboration between the most respected companies in Myanmar and the world.

We believe that while developers build developments, it’s people that make places, therefore we focus on a unique approach to place-making.

Our role is to help provide world class capability within Yangon adding communal, strategic and commercial business value to the place we want to create.

We have been working together for years. There are over 400 of us contributing expertise and idea leadership to good urban planning practice.

Design and construction standards:

In collaboration with world construction giants Dragages and Taisei we apply the highest design and construction standards growing hand in hand with Yangon skyline.

Corporate governance and HSE standards:

MDL’s strength lies not only in its highest design standards, but also in its professional management, safety regulations, stringent corporate governance and transparency. MDL as subsidiary of YSH and FMI strictly adheres to corporate rules and acts independently to ensure proper conduct and creating shared value.

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Environmental and Social impact

The impact of developing Yoma Central is meticulously projected and monitored by our internal compliance team as well as the Myanmar and international authorities. Yoma Central’s initial Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report submission was lodged in December 2016 and the project has been awarded the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) in May 2019.

Please download the report here:

Environmental Compliance Certificate
Executive Summary
Yoma Central Project EMR Apr Sep2020

Development for All

“ Yoma Central will be an integrated city quarter where Yangon’s energy and business connect curated shopping with fine dining, hotels, hip bars and cafes. ”

Global Business in Yangon

Grade A office towers in the heart of the city will provide the professionals of Yangon with work space for business, creativity and innovation.

  • Thinking beyond the open plan
  • Creating a human-centric workplace
  • Designing for health and wellness
  • Preparing for the needs of Generation
  • Using space to build culture

For office leasing enquiries please contact : ChawSungenge
Phone: +95 9787 579011, Email:

It’s All About Experiences

Yoma Central shopping and F&B will bring a genuine Myanmar experience to its tropical audience. A range of concept stores from fashion to groceries, along with innovative F&B, library café, children’s club and made in Myanmar gallery will energise growing shopping culture of Yangon

For retail leasing enquiries please contact : ChawSungenge
Phone: +95 9787 579011, Email:

The Peninsula Residences Yangon

A set of luxury suites in the heart of Yangon, linked to a restoration project with international profile. Each residence has been crafted by a global team of architects and designers using fine materials and high quality appliances.


Viewings of The Peninsula Residences Yangon show-flat are arranged by invitation only.

For details please contact : ChawSungenge
Phone: +95 9787 579011 Email:


We are a team of individuals

Drawn from the broad cross section of global communities we serve

We have been working together for years. There are over 400 of us contributing expertise and idea leadership to good urban planning practice.

Meeyahta Development Limited (MDL Yangon) Joint Venture was incorporated in 2016 in Yangon.


The partners are :

  • Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd
  • First Myanmar Investment Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Estate Company Ltd
  • Asian Development Bank
  • International Finance Corporation

MDL Yangon works in partnership with:

  • Hongkong Shanghai Hotels Limited on the restoration of Myanmar Railways Building into The Peninsula Yangon.
  • Westin Hotels and Resorts, leading experts in highest quality hospitality owned by Marriott International